Step 1 - Watch Video

Please watch this video in its entirety. It make take a minute to load- please be patient and wait for it to load. It is important that all students and parents understand the information contained within.

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  1. All student-athletes must fulfill the following requirements before they are able to participate in Mankato East athletics:
    1.    Have on file a valid sports qualifying physical exam
    2.    Complete all eligibility paperwork online
    3.    Pay any required participation fees
    4.    Purchase a letter jacket
    5.    A, B, and C
  2. A student must be in school the entire day to be eligible to participate. Which of the following is not an acceptable excuse for being absent for any part of the day while still being able to participate in practice or a performance?
    1.    School related function
    2.    Drivers training
    3.    Doctor appointment
    4.    Religious observance
  3. True or False: Chemical Eligibility- A student shall not at any time, regardless of the quantity: Use or consume, have in possession a beverage containing alcohol; Use or consume, have in possession tobacco; Use or consumer, have in possession, buy, sell or give away any other controlled substance or drug paraphernalia
    1.    True
    2.    False
  4. Which of the following are true statements regarding spectator sportsmanship?
    1.    Come to the game to support all participants and cheer on good performances
    2.    Since you have purchased a ticket, you have the right to yell at officials and heckle the opposing team
    3.    We want everyone in attendance to behave in a way that makes our school and community proud
    4.    All of the above
    5.    A and C
  5. True or False: Academic Eligibility- By the end of a student’s 10th grade year, they need to have earned at least 10 credits to participate in activities at Mankato East High School. :
    1.    True
    2.    False